Troubleshooting Calendaring: Lotus Notes – Outlook


  1. Bruce sagt:

    I’ve tried all of your suggestions. None of them appear to resolve the issue. I will be looking into the Lotus Notes machine and see if there was a change on their end.
    Thank you for you time in posting this.

  2. julien sagt:

    Ive the same problem ,
    –I first checked with same expeditor to different participants of the meeting , one receive good and a user receive only text.
    –secondly opened mail database from servers, the difference is the same but i conclued that it doesnt come from the client.
    –3rd I checked the template of the database, unfortunately its the same one.
    –I think that it comes from the user profile internet settings or MIME

  3. dave sagt:

    I have the opposite problem..

    I get lotus notes invitations to outlook and they are only emails. I cannot accept/deny them. Any hitns or suggestions?

  4. Jen sagt:

    This worked for me. I had a contact in memory that was being auto-filled by Outlook. I removed that person from my contact list, removed them from automemory, and simply typed their address into the TO field by hand. The Lotus recipient received my invitation and could save the meeting to his calendar. Thank you for the tip!

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