panagenda MarvelClient – Tipps&Tricks: Reguläre Ausdrücke testen


  1. John sagt:


    Would you consider writing your stuff in English instead of German? I mean, being Dutch and having had both languages in school, I am pretty able to understand your article. But what about our UK and US friends?

    We’re evaluating MarvelClient at the moment, so any stuff like this is most welcome! Thank you. Danke vielmals!


  2. Noteshexe sagt:

    Hello John,

    so far, I am currently focusing on German Marvel Client customers in my professional work, and that’s the reason why I publish in German language only.
    Publishing dual-language posts would make them considerably longer – and take more time for translating.

    However, I will try to cater to your request for an English version in the future as far as possible.

    Thank you very much for your feedback, ……


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