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PMR – Is a Problem Management Record and is how calls are logged with IBM.  If you have a problem (ITIL people would like to call those issues, as they may really not be problems) and you call IBM (this includes other IBM companies like Tivoli or Lotus), you get a PMR number (maybe it should be IMR), i.e. and an issue record is opened.
If Support confirms that this is not a ‚How-To‘ question but a real bug in the code, they would open an APAR and will subscribe your PMR to that APAR. If development finds a bug during the internal test cycles they log it into the CMVC system and track it internally. When you get a PTF/Patch you will see which APARs and CMVCs are fixed.

APAR – An Authorized Program Analysis Report is a problem report specific to an IBM program and release, that has an associated fix. APARs are formally tracked until a solution is provided. The APAR is given a unique number for tracking and a target date for solution. A Program Temporary Fix (PTF) is developed that will temporarily solve the problem associated with the APAR. You can use the unique number given to an APAR to search for a fix on Fix Central.

SPR – An  Software Problem Report is similar to an APAR. It refers to known problems with the Lotus brand of products.

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