Is Firefox 5 a supported browser for Lotus iNotes?


  1. Dragon Cotterill sagt:

    The iNotes database design says no. But it works. It also says Opera is not supported. But once again it still works. Not noticed any difficulties so far.

    I think the main issue is that the design checks for browser names and versions rather than checking for browser capabilities.

  2. Art sagt:

    If you use the full Inotes design on v852fp2 you will get some errors, the Lite and Ultra Lite version work very nicely though.

  3. Len Berg sagt:

    I believe 8.5.2 FP2 IF1 (the one for iNotes) supports FF 5.

  4. Len Berg sagt:

    Make that 8.5.2 FP3 IF1 (iNotes)

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