News von Libby – IBM Champion Nomination Period Extended through 30 November!

IBM have officially extended the IBM Champion 2018 nomination period through 30 November 2017.

IBM hat die Nominierungsfrist für IBM Champion 2018 offiziell bis zum 30. November 2017 verlängert.

Link Nominierungswebsite

Auch die Noteshexe freut sich, wenn ihr sie unterstützt 🙂

Q&A abstract from  Libby Ingrassia (IBM Champions & Technical Eminence Program Manager at IBM) yea, The @Notesgirl 

Q: Does it help if a LOT of people nominate me to become an IBM Champion?
A: Not in itself. What’s useful is hearing about many different community and technical contributions. The same nomination repeated multiple times: not so much.

Q: But I’m not really a speaker – I’m probably not IBM Champion material. They’re all speakers.
A: But no! Many IBM Champions are writers and bloggers, many make videos. And SOME don’t do anything you can find with a Google search. There are some who do internal advocacy – being the person who brings all the IBM knowledge into their organization and sharing it, or using their expertise to hold lunch-n-learns or connect internal executives with the right IBMers. You don’t have to be „famous“ or „public“ to be an IBM Champion.

Q: It’s not really my thing to nominate myself. If someone thinks I should be a Champion, they’ll nominate me.
A: Well, that’s the ideal, right? But let’s examine just how BUSY all our colleagues are. And how much they’ll assume that of course you’ve been nominated by someone already. And, also, nobody knows all the things you do to support our community except you.


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