Tools for my handbag – Part 3: Mouse whitout Borders


  1. Lars Berntrop-Bos sagt:

    Wann Sie außer Windows auch Mac und Linux computern gebrauchen will: die Firma Symless has a product called Synergy:
    Nich gratis, aber auch nicht teuer. Vorallem wann Sie ein sponsor link von Gamers Nexus nützen.

    Disclaimer: Please excuse me if my German is not perfect. I am just a satisfied user who bought the product. Gamers Nexus is a site which publishes analysis of home computing resources, mostly related to gaming. I find the performance and functionality oriented view refreshing.

  2. Noteshexe-admin sagt:

    Hallo Lars, danke für den Hinweis. 50 Dollar for Mouse and Keyboard Sharing, Clipboard Sharing
    and Drag and Drop Files, für privat ist das ja o.k.

  3. Lars Berntrop-Bos sagt:

    Ifyou use the link and travel via Youtube, it’s only 19 Dollar…

  4. Noteshexe-admin sagt:

    No, the price is 14 dollars for the Pro Version (Basic 9 Dollar), Christmas gift for fruit lovers 🙂

    Thanks for your tip

  5. Noteshexe-admin sagt:

    14 Dollar, 123 – meins I have the Tool 🙂 TestingTime

  6. Noteshexe-admin sagt:

    Test : Mouse whitout Border vs. Synergy 2.0.1 Windows 64Bit
    Mein Fazit:
    Synergy and MwB: mouse and keyboard Sharing works
    Synergy and MwB: clipboard for text works
    MwB: drop of files works
    Synergy:drop of files has never worked 🙁
    Synergy: Automatic configuration is o.k., but I’d like to override settings !!!! 🙁 🙁

    Answer Support:
    We’re changing drag and drop to “coming soon” on our website, as of the 2.0 release. We will be re-writing this feature in 2.1 (due early next year). Because of recent OS updates, this feature has stopped working properly for a lot of users.

    next step: deinstall synergy and waiting auf new version

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