Enforce Option Becomes Value Of Notes.Ini or managed settings In French/German Template


Domino desktop policy wrong behavior. Notes.ini settings
The custom settings of the desktop policy have a bad behavior:

We think the issue is related to the French/German language, and a bad code behavior with the word „Enforce“ (translated to „Appliquer“ in French and Zwingend in German)
For example : If I create a new destop policy. Add a custom setting, Notes.ini, and check the box „Appliquer“. the result will be MyItem=MyValue, appliquer

If I use this to set Ports=TCPIP and click on „Appliquer“, the result will be Ports=TCPIP, Appliquer.

This also causes the similar issue if the enforce is used for managed settings.

Customer has tested on English server NAB and the issue is not seen.


  • The text of enforce in local language becomes the value of notes.ini parameter
  • If the enforce is used in Eclipse parameter, the pref file name will contain the text of enforce in local language
  • In worst case: some users reported that they are not able to „see“ Mail, Calendar, etc. (due to ViewsCheckMarkSel=1 has been enabled by desktop settings with enforce enabled)


Dev has confirmed this is localization issue and that the „Forced „, should not be translated.

The defect has been logged in SPR # YGAO9EFSLN


Domino server 9.0.1 with French/German pubnames.ntf

Technote: #1662451

Quelle: IBM

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  1. Oliver Regelmann

    Haha, the IBM translation robot at work again…
    They should fire the entire team, not only for this one.

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