Troubleshooting Calendaring: External meeting recipient is able to cancel a meeting


An invitee to a meeting who uses Microsoft Outlook is able to become the chair of a meeting originating from a Notes user. Once the Outlook user becomes the chair, they may cancel the meeting.


Meetings are cancelled by invitees who received iCal invitations from Lotus Notes users. These users are using Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.


This appears to be caused by a known issue involving Active sync and handheld devices. Microsoft document outlines the issue.


Any Lotus Notes environment. Exchange environment is unknown.

Diagnosing the problem: 

A meeting invitee is able to cancel a meeting for everyone.

Resolving the problem: 

There is no solution that may be offered from IBM. If you are seeing this issue, please contact Microsoft for additional assistance.

Technote: #1590965 

Quelle: IBM


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