[alert]FLASH: Recommendation to delete and recreate Notes Traveler account on BlackBerry 10 devices after upgrading Notes Traveler server to or later (2013.09.03)[/alert]


Notes Traveler users using BlackBerry 10 devices must delete and recreate their BlackBerry 10 Notes Traveler account on the device when the Notes Traveler server is upgraded from to or later to ensure maximum compatibility.

NOTE: This is required only if the device had previously been connected to a Notes Traveler server. No action is required if setting up a new or later server or if connecting a new device to an existing server.


The BlackBerry 10 maintenance level introduced a severe issue when syncing with IBM Notes Traveler
Using this version of the BlackBerry 10 calendar synchronization client, any update that a BB10 user makes to a repeating meeting will corrupt the meeting on the Domino server.
Calendar sequence numbers for the meeting are inadvertently reset to 1, which will prevent any further updates or reschedules to the meeting by the meeting owner
(subsequent updates will be seen as being out of date, so attendees will not be able to apply these updates to their calendar).

The issue does not occur when BlackBerry 10 devices running maintenance level have provisioned their IBM Notes Traveler account against Notes Traveler or later.
However, BlackBerry 10 devices at this fix level provisioned against an earlier version of the server will still exhibit this behavior.
The only known workaround is to remove the existing IBM Notes Traveler account on the device, and then add it back.
Both the upgrade of the IBM Notes Traveler server and the removal of the IBM Notes Traveler account on the BB10 device are required to avoid this problem.

For questions or additional information regarding users activated on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, contact BlackBerry Support directly.

If the IBM Notes Traveler account on the BB10 device has never connected to a IBM Notes Traveler server level prior to, then the above problem and fix do not apply.
Affected Plattform: Blackberry OS, Traveler 9.0

Workaround: Notes Traveler Interim Fix 1




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