[tip] interesting LO/SPR : signification delays encountered when sending mass email with nested groups[/tip]

Error description:

Mass emailing are emailed out to to all approx 15000 users. The groups are nested. Customer sends to „NMGroup1“ that has 10 nested groups which have has about 2500 users in different sub groups. When the user hits SEND, the workstaion becomes  unrepsponsive for up to 4 hours.

Steps to Reproduce: 

This is reproducible from other workstations.

The groups involved are ALL on the server

  • Recent contacts are disabled
  • if email is sent to to smaller groups it gets sent  within 20 minutes.
  • Added the following debugto Notes.in and have attached the console.log and log.log fileconsole_log_enabled=1

Local fix:

Reduce the size of large groups ;

Problem summary:

This APAR is closed as FIN. We have deferred the fix to a future release.

Quelle:  Technote: #LO709777

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