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Teilnehmerfragen: Blank return receipts sent to external sendes / leere Empfangsbestätigung nach Upgrade auf 8.5.3


When a return receipt is sent to an external user and disclaimers are enabled on the client or server, the return receipt does not include the return receipt body – only the disclaimer is included. This causes confusion with the sender and is thought to be SPAM.


  1. Enable Return Receipts
  2. Enable message disclaimers
  3. Create and process a mail policy
  4. Send an external mail to a user who has the mail policy enabled
  5. Open the message in the user’s mailfile – a return receipt will be sent.
  6. View the message from the external source. Only the disclaimer is present.


Return receipts sent to an external recipient show a blank body.Return receipts sent to an external recipient show a blank body.


This has been identified as a product defect under APAR LO65112 and SPR TPON8N7DKT. The issue started in 8.5.3 and occurs when there is a mail policy present. The disclaimer portion of the policy does not actually have to contain any text but the problem will still occur if the disclaimers are enabled in the configuration document under the Router/SMTP>Message Disclaimers tab.


Domino 8.5.3

Diagnosing the problem: 

A meeting invitee is able to cancel a meeting for everyone.

Resolving the problem: 

Issue has been resolved in 8.5.3 FP2. The current workaround is disabling the disclaimer.

8.5.3 Fixpack 2 – Release date July 2012

Technote: #1586180

Quelle: IBM

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