[tip]Unexpected desktop settings applied to User Preferences after policy document re-save[/tip]


You upgrade your Lotus Domino server and the NAMES.NSF (NAB) from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3. Your Notes clients are 7.0.3. You change the name of a policy and re-save the policy document. Some unexpected changes will be seen in the client User Preferences.


„Mail file location“ is changed from server (default) to local
„Replication interval“ is changed to 60 minutes (both for normal and high priority)
Other possible settings also affected are „Internet browser“ in location document and „recipient name lookup“

Resolving the problem:

Due to an SPR fix in the 8.5.3 codestream, there is a regression that will affect policies with pre-8.0 clients. The effect of the regression is that policy settings will be in place for pre-8.0 clients that should not be. 8.0 and later clients are not affected.

Follow these steps to back out the settings causing this regression:

    1. Open pubnames.ntf in the Domino Designer
    2. Open the PolicyManagement script library
    3. Click on the ComputeHAItemList subroutine


  1. Find the following lines of code:‘ Set itemToDelete = hPolicy.GetFirstItem(pRefItemName)
    ‚ If Not itemToDelete Is Nothing Then
    ‚ itemToDelete.SaveToDisk = False
    ‚ End If
    Uncomment these lines of code (remove the ‚ character at the beginning of each line)
  2. save the subroutine
  3. Replace the design of your names.nsf with this version of pubnames.ntf
  4. Edit and re-save any Policy Settings documents that have the issue

Technote: #1577807

Quelle: IBM

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